The Project | The Briefs

The Briefs

What are we looking for in Architecture Category?

Your architecture design proposal should portray spaces that positively impact the individual, society and our environment as a whole. Your project must be both beautiful and feasible from an architectural and engineering perspective.

What are we looking for in Interior Design Category?

Your interior design proposal should portray interior environment with the potential to better the lives of its users or inhabitants, both practically and psychologically. You should demonstrate a way of looking at all possibilities for improvement and inspiring people within a spatial context.

Things to consider

Does your design successfully fulfill a need or solve a problem?

Does your design offer originality in its execution?

Does your design facilitate better functionality and purpose for its inhabitants or visitors on a human scale?

Could your design be implemented using processes, materials and technologies available or in development today?

Is your design able to deliver and demonstrate commercial or social values?

Does your design maximize or leverage tech-enabled connectivity and/or intelligence?

Does your design comprise sustainable and eco-friendly elements which help preserve the natural environment?

Does your design contribute not only to its users, but also the communities that surround it?

Will your design stand the test of time, from both an aesthetic and a physical perspective?

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